The D’Coin (DCO) Tokens is based off of ERC-20 standards. It’s a utility token and will be an irreplaceable part of our proposed D’Crypt© analytical trading platform.

Secure trading with other individual buyers or sellers directly, without going through brokers or middlemen, thereby decentralizing and democratizing the trading process.

D’Crypt© takes most of the decisions out of your hands, so you don’t need to surf and examine all of the 1000+ altcoins , reports and blogs or go to the growing number of 45+ exchanges.

D’Crypt© will do it for you. It will be connected to all of the cryptocurrency coins and exchanges around the world and it will go through proprietary software we have to calculate the algorithms and give you a forecast of the Best 10, Best 5 or Best 3 coins to choose from to exchange and trade in.

All trades are recorded in the blockchain and in D’Crypt©. This fact guarantees protection of funds for traders from any country, be it for buyers or sellers.

All individual client / trader funds are put on smart contracts.

An individual client / trader transfers funds through a smart contract.

Transparency of trading transactions provides clarity and assurance.

All trades are recorded in blockchain. It obviates the possibility of backdated transactions.

Fast deposit / withdrawal of funds.

The deposit / withdrawal of funds is standardized and carried out through the platform and only with D’Tokens (DCO).

Easy, single verification.

The tokens will be used as a payment system with the platform. Individual buyers, sellers or traders will be able to create their trader portfolios on the D’Crypt© Platform through the use of D’Coin (DCO) Tokens.

In order to create a portfolio on the platform, a trader must have a minimum balance of D’Coin (DCO) Tokens in their account. Traders will also pay the D’Crypt© Platform’s monthly and transaction fees with D’Coin (DCO) Tokens.

Yes, D’Crypt© is analytical software, and yes, we will charge a monthly rate and transaction fee to cover all expenses.

You can only use D’Crypt© if you are using D’Coins (DCO), thereby makingD’Coin (DCO) grow in demand and also covers the utility part of it.

D’Coin (DCO) Tokens are considered to be utility tokens, and we had their utility checked through opinions qualified by leading law firms in Singapore. Please check the legal documents for the opinion given by the law firms in Singapore. The tokens are used for portfolio creation on our platform, as well as a payment method to cover fees and commissions.

D’Coin (DCO) Tokens are not stocks of the cryptocurrency project and they do not give their holder the right to profit share in the platform’s revenues.

Citizens of any country may take part in the project. According to our policies, terms and conditions, any citizen can take part in the crowdfunding campaign.

If the BTC is transferred to the project's wallet after the ICO is finished, it is returned to the sender's wallet according to the current exchange rate with no conversion.

For example, after the ICO is completed, if the project wallet is funded with 1 BTC/ETH, the same amount will be returned to the sender's wallet, disregarding the BTC/ETH quote at the moment the BTC/ETH was sent.

To prevent such situations, we recommend setting the appropriate transaction commission for timely processing, considering the ICO timeframe. The same process will be activated for any other cryptocurrency.

The minimum soft cap target is US$3 million. If that amount is not raised, we will return all the raised funds back to the wallets of the pre-launch participants.

You can request a refund during the ICO. After the ICO, no refunds will be issued on tokens unless the soft cap isn’t met.

We plan to list D’Coin (DCO) tokens on several major exchanges within one month after the ICO. Please check the timeline for more details.

We will not record each trading operation on a separate smart Ethereum contract. Thus, records of transactions will occur in a classical database, but with the help of a digital signature.

This will prevent fraud from other traders in relation to trade. The record will be maintained for customers, both for buyers and sellers. In this regard, each client will have their own trading history.

At the same time, a hash of the database will be sent to the Ethereum contract, which will be recorded every hour.

How are you going to receive data from other coins and other trading platforms? Who will give them to you from your D’Crypt© Platform?

If you look at the distribution of our token, we have earmarked a certain percentage to get connected to most of the 35+ exchanges and cryptocoins as well. For faster computing, we will also co-locate our servers close to the exchanges so that data capture is faster.

At the current stage, we will use ERC-20 Ethereum block chain and Ethereum smart contracts. Additionally, we will be building our very own proprietary platform with block chain technology, the D’Crypt© Platform. We will use the technology that best meets our requirements for speed, reliability, and cost.

Blockchain in our project solves several important tasks at once:

Firstly, both buyers’ and sellers’ individual trades are all on the block chain, making it very transparent and secure;

Secondly, we write down information on the trading operations of clients;

Finally, we use it to facilitate the sale of tokens to the ICO.

An important aspect of blockchain technology is transparency. With the help of blockchain, customer confidence is significantly increased.

100M includes all the technological developments for D’Crypt© Platform , legalization of the company in the needed jurisdictions (UK, Singapore, EU, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, India) plus the required capital for marketing and sales.

In each of the countries where we will have a license, we will need to meet the capital requirements in some countries (e.g., UK, Singapore).

100 DCO which is equivalent to USD100, or equivalent BTC and ETH

your national ID;s and AML requirements are listed on the KYC page of Buy Tokens, all KYC and AML are being checked by our Third Party Partner ONFIDO who do all the KYC and AML check in line with our legal compliance.

Total D’Coin in circulation wil be 200 Million with a minimum Lock in period of 3 months for the 100M after the close of the ICO which includes for Advisors, tech, experts, founders, directors, etc

There is a referral fee of 5% for our clients, who introduce their friends to buy our DCO tokens.

Please check timeline on our site Dcoin ICO, “Timeline” link it.

Check competitive matrix link it please.

the D in D’Coin stands for “Decentralized Coin”, that is why the apostrophe to define the D.

A 30% Pre ICO Bonus, and a 15% bonus during the ICO period.

D’Crypt decodes trading algorithms for you, so you can make decisions based on your risk/gain tolerance.

A bot is an automated program, much like a programmed market and limit order at traditional exchanges, that can be automated to … in varying conditions.

Some long-term, but affordable benefits worth it for early investors.
Please check our timeline “TimeLine” Link it to the TImeline page.

Please check our timeline “TimeLine” Link it to the TImeline page.

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Unsold D’Coin (DCO) Tokens will be burned, limiting the amount of D’Coins in circulation.